Temptations - Treats That Cats Love!

Temptations - Treats That Cats Love!

As mystical and majestic cats are, these adorable munchkins can also be mischievous. While most cats simply love eating, they can be quite particular about the food they eat, and are often difficult to impress. However, with Temptations™ Cat Treats, the best treats for cats, you can rest easy. For Temptations™ is not just one of the leading cats treat companies across the globe, but is also known for its delectable flavours and varied cat food textures.

Though it is a common fear among cat parents that an excess of even good cat treats can cause their kitty to grow obese, Temptations™ offers the best treats for cats that are low on caloric content and ensure 100% nutrition for your fur baby. Available in crunchy biscuits with a soft core, and Creamy Purrrr-ee, the very sight of a Temptations™ treat pouch will be irresistible to your furry munchkin.

Why does my cat get excited when I shake a bag of Temptations™ treats?

Cats are extremely intelligent creatures and it won't take long for them to recognise the sound of Temptations™ treats cats love when the pouch is shaken. They will know this sound means treat time! After just a couple of times, you will find your kitty running to you every time you shake Temptations™ pouch. These good cat treats are bound to get your cat all excited in anticipation of a wonderful time when you shake a bag of Temptations™ treats that cats love.

With so many flavours of Temptations™ treats, how will I know my cat’s favourite?

Temptations™ is the best treats for cats and it comes in wide variety of flavours and textures. However, with so many different flavours available, it might be difficult to tell which is the one that your cat likes the most. From crunchy to soft treats cats love, Temptations™ has it all. What you can do is, simply purchase the Temptations™ MixUps pack to check which flavour your cat has a preference for!

Why do Temptations™ treats have crunchy outside and soft inside?

Cats can be quite particular about the food they eat. They often have a preference for the type of food and treats they like best. In an attempt to make cat treats more alluring and interesting to most felines, Temptations™ has come up with special cat treats that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This special treat makes sure that it is suitable for all cats, and promises an exciting gastronomic journey as treats cats love.

Can I get Temptations™ that aren’t crunchy?

Just like their human parents, cats can also be choosy about the type of food they prefer over the rest. While cat treats from Temptations™ are widely available in both lickable and crunchy options, it is not unnatural for your feline friend to show some preference for lickable or soft treats over crunchy treats. So, in addition to the classic crunchy cat treat, Temptations™ has also made available lickable treats that cats love and Creamy Purrrr-ee that are rich in vital nutrients.

Are Temptations™ treats good for my cats?

If Garfield has been able to convey one thing, it is probably the fact that cats simply LOVE eating. And when it comes to their favourite treat, there is no doubt that they are NOT going to say no. But feeding your kitten excessive treats might cause them to get obese, leading to cardiac and renal problems. However, Temptations™ as the best treats for cats prepares the treats from curated ingredients and are the healthiest cat treats.

Do Temptations™ have a lot of calories?

It is natural to wonder “are Temptations™ treats good for cats?” Feeding your cat too many, even good cat treats, can lead to serious health conditions. This is mostly the result of the high-calorie content in even the good cat treats. But Temptations™ offers the healthiest cat treats that have a low caloric content. Now that you know the answer to the question are Temptations™ treats good for cats, you can bring home some new treats for your feline friend.

Should cats even get treats? They don’t smile or fetch or nothing.

Feline furries can learn tricks too. Many cat parents use Temptations™ as the best cat treats for training or as an incentive for their furry friends to learn tricks. So, if you want your feline friend to learn tricks, it is important to judiciously use the best cat treats for training to motivate them. According to many cat parents, Temptations™ cat treats are the best cat treats for training. You can also use the treats cats love as a great way to bond with them.

Why do cats go crazy for Temptations™?

Cats are intelligent enough to actually appreciate different flavours and textures in food. Temptations™ offers a wide variety of premium cat treats with different taste and texture. These low-calorie and nutritious cat treats are available in flavours like chicken, dairy, salmon, tuna, catnip, and shrimp.These cat treats come as crunchy biscuits with a soft core, as well as Creamy Purrrr-ee, and are enough to turn those little feline heads! 

What makes cats like treats more than food?

Cats are carnivorous creatures and an average cat’s diet usually consists of raw meat or fish. However, like most human beings, feline fur babies also prefer their food prepared well. So, it is only natural for cats to like treats more than food as treats contain flavour enhancers. So, other than being the treats that cats love, Temptations™ cat treats are one of the best treats for cats that also offer nutrition along with unparalleled taste and texture.


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