Temptations™ Cat Treats & Snacks

Whether you're a parent to a fabulous feline or just a cat person, you are sure to know what great foodies cats are. These cute little munchkins love to receive delicious cat treats from their beloved humans. So, keeping your reputation in mind, TemptationsTM has brought forward a wide variety of mouthwatering cat snacks to choose from!

Given below are the different Temptations™ cats treats varieties you can choose from:

Temptations™ Creamy Purrrr-ee

Is your kitty in the mood for something soft and delicious? Say no more! With Temptations™ Creamy Purrrr-ee, you can delight your adorable furry with a rich, smooth treat of tuna, salmon, and chicken that will make your furr baby purr in delight. The Creamy Purrrr-ee cat snacks from Temptations™ pack the unmatched flavour of real tuna, salmon, chicken in bite-sized, low-caloric treats. With the caloric content of each pocket being carefully regulated, this is the purr-fect treat that your feline will enjoy without being exposed to the risks of obesity.

The irresistibly creamy treat comes in single-serve pouches for your convenience, and takes the appearance of a crunchy outer shell filled with a delicious creamy stuffing, and can also be added as a cat food topper to bring an exciting and flavourful spin to cat snacks at every mealtime. Temptations™ Creamy Purrrr-ee is one of the best cat treats popular among our feline friends that also packs nutritious amounts of magnesium, and Vitamin B3, B5, and E.


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