Why do Cats Purr?

Why do Cats Purr?

We all love it when our kitties purr but have you ever wondered why do cats purr? Is it their own secret love language? Apparently, cat purring sound doesn’t only express happiness. Sometimes, a loud purring cat may also indicate that they are scared or stressed. It’s their go-to defence mechanism, a melody to self-soothe when met with chaos.

Mama cats purr during labour and after to ease their discomfort as well as to guide their tiny, blind newborns towards their body. Isn’t that heartwarming?

Let’s know more about why cats purr so we may understand our furballs better.

✔ What does it mean when cats purr?

Understanding why cats purr isn’t easy. Cat purring meaning varies in different contexts. Cats purr for several reasons, such as:

  1. Cat is happy:

    When your little munchkin purrs gently, this cat purring sound means they are happy and contented.  Just let your cuddle bud snuggle in your lap and enjoy the warmth of their love.

  2. Cat is hungry:

    A loud purring cat may indicate that they are hungry. So, if you’re wondering why do cats purr loudly, try offering them food. If they accept it and stop purring, you’ve decoded their cat purring meaning.

  3. Way of communicating and bonding:

    Why do cats purr at you? A major reason why cats purr is to establish communication and social bonds. Cats purr at their mothers, other cats, and their favourite humans. Cat purring meaning may be communication of love, satisfaction, and joy. So, if you find a tiny furball purring at you, they may just have elected you the best human in their world!

  4. Self-soothing & healing:

    Cats purr also to soothe and heal. You may wonder why do cats purr even when they don’t seem to be expressing joy. The cat purring meaning in such a situation may be that your little darling is stressed and needs to calm themselves. Your kitty may also purr if they hurt themselves and need to heal. Cat purring sound creates vibrations in your little munchkin’s body that regulates their breathing and helps them heal faster. Purring eases their bodies into mindfulness and regeneration.

✔ Do all cats purr?

Why do cats purr when other members of the feline family don’t? In the whole of the cat kingdom, the ability to generate a cat purring sound is a special skill only our furry friends possess. However, cats purr not from their vocal cords, as some might think, but from a tiny, bendy bone called the ‘hyoid bone’ tucked away at the base of your fur baby’s neck.

So, the next time you are wondering why do cats purr, remember they may just be exercising their hyoid bone to create that unmistakable low rumble we all love!

✔ Cat purr effect on humans

Cat lovers know that kitties aren’t just purring balls of fluff but also secret stress busting superheroes! Cat purrs are magical. They help create a cozy, stress-free zone for humans. So, the next time you are annoyed thinking why do cats purr loudly, remember that cats purr to help you ‘heal by association.’ The vibrations resulting from your kitty’s purr eases your breathing, works wonders on your bones and injuries, pumps up the muscles, and even fixes up those tendons.

Cat parents are at 40% lower risk of heart attacks compared to those who live without purring pals. Plus, hanging out with your little munchkin is like a spa day for your heart! Your blood pressure doesn’t fluctuate and the anxiety just slips away. It’s time to say thank you to your purr-fect friend.

✔ Conclusion

In case you often wonder why do cats purr loudly or why cats purr in general, you are now aware that cat purring meaning may be different in varying contexts. Your kitty’s purr may communicate joy, contentment, and love, but a loud purring cat may indicate hunger, stress or hurt. It is important for you to decode your adorable furball’s purr to keep them happy and frolicking. Let them curl up to you when they purr, play with them, or scratch their tiny heads. And if you still have a loud purring cat, treat them with the delicious and crunchy or soft and lickable cat treats from Temptations™ and see how loud purrs transform into soft, gentle ones!

✔ FAQs

  1. Why do cats purr while petting?

    Kittens purr when they are happy and contented or when they want to bond with their mother. Therefore, adult cats purring when you pet them is a good sign. It means that they trust you and are happy to be petted.

  2. How do cats purr?

    Contrary to popular belief, cats do not purr using their vocal cords They use a special bone called the hyoid bone located at the base of their neck to generate the low, rumbling sound we identify as a purr.

  3. How to get your cat purr more?

    If you want your cat to purr more, ensure that they are comfortable. Pet them when they approach you; stroke their head, chin, and scratch the backs of their ears. Play with them and call their name in your happy voice.

  4. Are cats happy when they purr?

    Cats may not always be happy when they purr. While cats may communicate affection and contentment through purring, a cat’s purr may also indicate hunger or stress. Sometimes cats also purr when they need to heal from an injury.


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