Travel Tips With Cats

Travel Tips With Cats

Planning on an adventure with your furry companion?  Traveling with cats in car long distance or bringing your cat on airplane may be a headache. As all cat owners should know, to travel with cats can be a bit challenging, but with careful preparation and consideration, you can make the experience more comfortable for both you and your cat. Here is your ultimate stress-free guide to travelling with your furry friend alongside with tools that you might need such as cat carrier bags and snacks.

✔ Tips To Travel with Cat in Car

Traveling with cats in car long distance? Here are some travel tips with cats that may be useful and steps to take when travel with cats.

  1. Prepare your cat before traveling

    Familiarizing your cat with the cat carrier bag will ensure your cat to be comfortable to be in the cat carrier throughout and to familiarize them with cars, you can take them on short trips first. In addition, you can start potty training your cat with the cat carrier with litter box.

  2. Take essential medical items

    You should know what are the important medications that you may need on the trip with your cat with veterinary advice. Some examples of medications are for motion sickness, anti-anxiety, prescribed medications (if any) and flea and tick preventions. In addition, carrying a copy of your cat’s medical records is important as well.

  3. Prepare a cat travel bag

    Aside from the carrier bag, a cat travel bag is important to ensure a smooth journey with your furry friend. This cat travel bag is where all the essentials to be stored such as medications, food, snacks, documents and others. All essentials to be carried in a cat travel bag to ensure everything is organized and a smooth travel with cats.

  4. Carrier bag to carry cat

    A cat carrier bag is important as it will be a safe space for your cat in the car. Prepare a blanket or soft toy that smells like home and place it in the carrier bag so that your furry friend will find comfort of home in the carrier bag.

  5. Portable dry food or treats

    Dry food is recommended as it will not make a mess in the car especially if you feed in the cat carrier. Temptations™ have the best dry treats with tasty soft centers & crunchy outside that all cats will go crazy for! The small bite size can help to prevent overfeeding. These snacks will act as a treat to keep your cat calm as it can act as a comfort and distraction or even as a positive reinforcement during the trip. However, it should not replace your cat’s main meal.

    Tip: Temptations™ have a variation with catnip that may ease your travel with cat!

  6. Quick check up before traveling

    Taking a trip to the veterinary prior to traveling is important to check up on your cat if it is in the best condition to travel and get advice. Motion sickness or anxiety relief medication can be prescribed by your veterinary to be brought along when traveling with cat in car long distance.

  7. Avoid feeding before traveling

    It is not advisable to feed right before traveling and cats may feel uncomfortable with a full stomach while the car is in motion. This discomfort can add to their stress and anxiety during the travel. It will be better to feed small meal several hours before the journey, allowing time for digestion to avoid vomiting or diarrhea mess due to gastrointestinal discomfort when traveling with cat in car long distance.

✔ Guide While Flying with Cat

  1. Take a permit to travel

    Check your airline's pet policies and secure any required permits or documentation for your cat's travel. This may include health certificates or specific carrier guidelines.

  2. Things to do before takeoff

    Same goes to when traveling with cats on airplane, schedule visit to the veterinarian to ensure your cat is healthy, up to date on vaccinations, and fit for travel. Invest in a well-ventilated and airline-approved cat carrier bag that provides comfort and security for your cat during the flight. Even better, get a cat carrier with litter box.

  3. Things to do after reaching destination

    Prioritize pet-friendly accommodations at your destination. Set up a cozy corner with your cat carrier bag, toys, and familiar items from home. Familiar scents will help them feel comfort in the new environment. Give them time to adjust to their surroundings before expecting them to be fully comfortable. This is when the cat carrier with litter box comes to a good use as well.

✔ Conclusion

Whether it is traveling with cat in car or cat on airplane, cat owners are responsible for the comfort of them and important to know some travel tips with cats. There are key essentials to bring along such as medications, food, snacks in the cat travel bag and a cat carrier bag. To be more advanced, it is advisable to get a cat carrier with litter box as well.

✔ FAQs

  1. How to take my cat on plane?

    Firstly, travel permit for your cat on airplane is a must. Check with your airline to know the guidelines and get a cat carrier which is compliant with that. Snacks should be brought as well to reward your cat for good behaviors. Consider microchipping your cat and ensure that the contact information is up to date. Attach an ID tag to your cat's collar with your contact details.

  2. What are the rules for traveling with cat?

    To travel with cats, it is important to check for policies according to your local governance and airlines for cat on airplane as it may differ in different regions and airlines. Therefore, it is important to check before flying and applying travel permissions as well as purchasing cat carrier that is adhered to the guidelines.

  3. Can cats survive in long flights?

    Cats can survive long flights if the necessary precautions and preparations are made to ensure their safety and well-being during the journey. For long flights, it is recommended that pet owners get a cat carrier with litter box and always provide water to complete their needs. In addition, some snacks can help them to be at ease and distract them from the long journey.

  4. Is it stressful for cats to travel in car or plane?

    Both ways of travel can be stressful for cats, but the degree can vary depending on the individual cat and the specific circumstances of the journey. To minimize stress, consider acclimating your cat to travel gradually, using familiar items like bedding and toys, and consulting with your veterinarian for advice.

  5. What cat food are easy to carry while traveling?

    Dry cat foods are the best option to carry while traveling as it will not cause a mess. Temptations™ dry cat treats is a good option to carry along with its extraordinary texture that cats love. In addition, Temptations™ variation with catnip may be a good choice to calm your cats onboard.


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