How To Make My Cat Feel Sleepy

How To Make My Cat Feel Sleepy

Have your feline friend notorious for snoozing all day but disrupting your sleep at night by stepping on your face, meowing, or howling? If you are pondering why my cat wakes me up at night, why my cat can’t sleep, how can I make my cat sleepy, or how to get my cat to sleep at night, you are not alone in your plight.

Being crepuscular creatures, cats are most active around dawn and dusk, which stems from their innate predatory instincts. Consequently, this natural inclination prompts common questions such as how to make cat sleep, or how to make a cat sleep instantly. To allow a peaceful rest for cat parents during the night, understanding your sleepy cat’s sleep patterns and the cat nap is crucial.

Wondering questions like how do I make my cat fall asleep? How to get my cat to sleep at night? Worry not, we have compiled a range of useful tips on how to make cat sleep at night, shed light on why cats awaken during the night, average cat sleeping hours, and ways to address the cat late night meowing, so that you can reclaim your restful nights.

Tips On How to Make Your Cat Sleep At Night

“My cat can’t sleep during the night time” is a common challenge for many cat parents. If you are wondering how to make a cat sleep instantly or how can I make my cat sleepy, here are some helpful tips to reclaim your peaceful nights:

  1. Make a Routine for Your Cat

    How to make cat sleep at night? The answer is to establish a consistent routine for your cat. So, try setting up a nightly ritual that ends with you sleeping. Follow to same sequence each night, brushing your teeth, making the bed, and turning off the lights help reinforce the signs of bedtimes. This practice will help transform your hyper-cat into a sleepy cat at night.

  2. Practice Scheduled Feeding Your Cat

    Practicing scheduled feeding is the answer to how can I make my cat sleepy. Unlike free feeding, which keeps cats in a constant state of digestion, scheduled meals help regulate your cat’s hunger and energy levels. Additionally, feeding them the last meal before bedtime may encourage your cats to settle down for sleep. To turn your cat into a sleepy cat at night, you may start by practicing scheduled feeding.

  3. Play with Your Cat

    Playing with your cat is one of the effective ways for cats to sleep instantly. Since the cats’s instincts drive them to hunt, catch, and eat, so engaging them in play mimics their natural behaviors and will exhaust your cat. Using interactive toys like wand toys or hiding toys can keep them entertained. Play with your cat for at least 15 minutes, twice times a day is a great way how to make a cat sleep instantly.

  4. Make a Very Comfortable Bed for Your Cat

    How do I make my cat fall asleep? The tip is creating a comfortable sleeping environment. But, can a cat sleep in bed? and how to make a bed for cat? Yes, cats sleep in bed. Next, the answer to how to make a bed for cat is to start by finding a quiet and secluded spot. Add bedding materials to enhance their comfort. Some cats enjoy snuggling into more pillows or blankets. You may search on how to make a bed for cat for more information.

    Besides, you may wonder can the cat sleep in bed with you or can cats sleep in your bed? The decision on whether to let your cat sleep in bed with you depends on various factors, including the cat's personality and your preferences. It is your and your cat's choice whether can the cat sleep in bed with you or not. Thus, tailoring to your and your cat's needs to figure out how to make cat sleep.

  5. Train Your Cat with Love

    How to make cat sleep at night? Positive reinforcement training can effectively train the cat to sleep in bed through the night. It may require time and patience to adjust, so avoid using punishment. Instead, reward your cat with praise, or treats when they settle down for bed. Feed them Temptations™ Cat Treats, which are formulated with nutritious ingredients and contain less than 2 kcal per treat, ensuring a worry-free and healthy option for cats. Ultimately, how do I make my cat fall asleep during the night? The answer is Love.

  6. Watch Symptoms of Illness

    Observing your cat for signs of illness is crucial, especially if they are having trouble in their daily cat nap routine. If you have encountered this situation often, this indicates they may be in pain or discomfort. Consult your veterinarian to ensure your cat can get their regular cat naps and protect their overall well-being.

  7. Keep Your Cat Awake for Longer During Daytime

    How to make a cat sleep instantly during nighttime? The simple solution: keep them awake longer during the daytime. Engage your cat in activities throughout the day to prevent excessive daytime cat naps. Consider leaving the television on for your cat to watch, feeding your cat using puzzle toys so they work to get food, or setting smart bowls to dispense treats. These activities can help turn your cat into a sleepy cat at night.

How to Deal If My Cat Meows and Screams At Night?

“My cat can’t sleep, always meows and screams at night”, this is not uncommon for us as cat parents. How to get a cat to stop meowing at night? Below are several approaches that you may try to address this behavior:

  1. Ensure Plenty of Food and Water

    Hunger or thirst could be the cause of your cat’s nighttime vocalization. You can provide your cat with ample fresh water and some treats to keep them engaged until the next morning.

  2. Keep Their Litter Box Clean

    A dirty litter box can cause discomfort and stress for your cat. Hence, you should scoop your cat’s litter box regularly, especially before bedtime to keep your cat quiet all night.

  3. Avoid Responding To Nighttime Meowing

    How to get a cat to stop meowing at night? The best option is to refrain from responding to your cat's nighttime meowing if they are well-fed, hydrated, and played. However, if your cat is constantly meowing at night and does not have a regular cat nap, do consider a veterinarian checkup.

  4. Create A Safe Environment

    Aging cats may experience vision and cognitive decline, making them feel stressed to move around at night time. Install nightlights around your home, especially near the stairs, to help them feel secure. You may also provide them with hiding spots where your cat feels protected.

Reasons Why Do Cats Wakes Up at Night

Understanding why your cat wakes up at night is linked to the cat's natural behavior and average sleep for cats. The average hours a cat sleeps are around 12-15 hours per day. It will be much longer for newborn or aging cats. It is different from the human sleeping cycle, the average cat sleeping hours are twice as much as humans because the need for sleep is directly proportional to the amount of energy they expend. However, the average hours a cat sleeps may differ due to breed or environment.  Despite the high average cat sleeping hours, you will notice your sleepy cat in the daytime turns into a hyper cat at night, posing a significant challenge. Especially if your cat is left alone during the day, they may spend most of the time relaxing and sleeping, which makes them more active after dark. 

What other reasons that cats wake up at night? Cat's social needs might not be met, especially cats from single-pet households will seek social interaction with humans. Next, the boredom of being alone during the day and seeking attention when their owners are home in the evening.  Changes in sleeping patterns are common as cats age and you may notice they become more active at night. Lastly, certain health conditions can make cats hyperactive, uncomfortable, or vocal at night, consulting your veterinarian is recommended. 

In sum, the sharing above has shed light on various aspects of cat sleeping behaviors, addressing inquiries such as how can I make my cat sleepy, reasons why cats wake up at night and ways to tackle late-night meowing. The article also underscores the importance of providing cats with a comfortable sleeping place, including adding nighttime lighting and sharing about how to make a bed for cat. With these insights, you may have solutions to questions like how do I make my cat fall asleep at night and enjoy a peaceful rest?


  1. How many hours do a cat sleep?

    The average hours a cat sleeps is around 12-15 hours. The average sleep for cats will be much longer if they are newborn or aging. When synchronizing your cat's nap schedule with yours, it is important not to compromise the average sleep for cats as will make your cat feel stressed.

  2. How to calm crying cat?

    To calm a crying cat, gently petting them and speaking to them in a soothing tone. Make sure that their basic needs are fulfilled. You may also engage them in play to distract them. If your cat continues crying, it is best to consult your veterinarian.

  3. Should cats be sleeping with us?

    Can cats sleep in your bed? The decision on whether can cats sleep in your bed or to let your cat sleep in bed with you depends on you and your cat's preferences. If a cat is willing to sleep with you, you may put the cat bed next to your bed or invite them to your bed.

  4. Do cats need light at night while sleeping?

    Generally, cats can see in low-light conditions and prefer to sleep in dark and quiet environments. But, some of the cats, especially senior cats with bad vision would like to sleep with night light, to make them feel secure. Hence, it is essential to observe your cat’s preferences.

  5. Is it ok if my kitten sleep alone?

    Yes, it is okay for kittens to sleep alone. Ensure that you provide them with a comfortable place and have access to their basic needs like water, food, and a clean litter box. As kittens grow, they may choose different places to sleep, or sleep with you.


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