Is Your Cat Being Picky About Food?

Is Your Cat Being Picky About Food?

Most felines have a distinct preference when it comes to what they eat, often fuelling their infamy in being picky eaters, and causing cat parents to think my cat is picky with food.

How to deal with a cat that’s picky?

“My cat is a picky eater” – you wouldn’t have to say this if you start training your fur baby when they are young. Training the cat young prevents them from becoming picky eater cat. There are other options too, as discussed below:

A guide to fussy-eating cats

One of the most effective approaches to dealing with fussy-eating cats is to offer them food at their usual mealtime and leave it out for some time. If your kitty refrains from eating, take it away till the next mealtime. This creates an impression that being a picky eater cat is not a rewarding behaviour, and over time, allows your furry munchkin to be more flexible about what they eat. It also helps you understand if my cat is picky eater.

Why is my cat not eating?

Wondering why my cat is a fussy eater? Instead of complaining my cat is very picky eater. Here is a quick guide to let you understand why my cat is a fussy eater.

  1. Lack of routine

    Cats are extremely organized and a lack of a routine can cause cats to become picky eaters over time. To avoid this, it is important to make sure that your kitty is eating at stipulated intervals. Disrupting the routine can take a toll on them, and can cause cat parents to think my cat is picky with food.

  2. Too much treats

    Cat treats are often rich in premium flavours and have a smooth, silky texture, so it is not a big surprise that your furball is extremely fond of them. However, not only does offering too many treats cause cats to grow obese, but it also desensitizes cats from trying out regular cat food, causing cat parents to feel my cat is very picky eater.

    With Temptations™ treats, however, you have nothing to worry about. Temptations™ treats come in a wide range of delectable flavours and they won’t make your kitty obese, because each pocket contain only 2kcal. So, give your fur kiddo Temptations™ treats as much as you like without any guilt.

  3. Fussy about flavours

    My cat is a picky eater is a statement heard from many cat parents. Cats may be fussy about certain flavours. Try serving them all kinds of flavours and see what they distinctly avoid. Don’t try to force-feed that flavour of food and your cat will be a happy eater.

Cat not eating due to environmental reasons?

  1. Some cats don't like an audience while eating and prefer peace

    Cats value their independence and personal space. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these felines would like to have some peace and privacy while eating, instead of having an audience, which might often cause you to think, my cat is picky eater. Having anyone else around while eating may cause them to feel uncomfortable and stop eating or become picky eater cat.

  2. Dirty plates could be the reason

    Cats are extremely clean creatures. They prefer living in a tidy space and are unlikely to relieve themselves anywhere else other than their litter tray. They also prefer eating and drinking from clean plates. A dirty plate might make your furry buddy feel squeamish, resulting in a cat fussy eater.

  3. Weather change can also be the reason sometimes

    The phrase 'under the weather' applies to all living creatures, including cats. Cats are curious creatures who love going out on outdoor adventures. A weather change, like a drastic drop in the temperature or thunderstorms, can cause cats to feel uncomfortable or scared, reflecting on their erratic eating habits.

Can it be a physical reason why my cat is a picky eater?

  1. Symptoms of illness

    Symptoms of illnesses are one of the major reasons behind a cat being picky about food. Symptoms of illness such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and irregular bowel movements can cause cats to feel uncomfortable and fussy, and make them avoid food, and is often a leading reason why cat parents often feel my cat is picky eater.

  2. Whether it’s environmental reasons

    Cats are not big fans of change, and a sudden change in their environment, such as shifting to a new neighbourhood can cause feline furries immense mental stress and discomfort and can result in the cat being picky about food.

  3. The flavour of the food they are not liking

    Cats are very particular about what they eat and if a flavour does not tantalise their taste buds, they will avoid the food. Try changing the flavour of the food you are serving to see if your feline starts eating better.

How to give medicine to a fussy cat?

Cats love to eat, but the same love is not shown when it comes to taking their medicines. Although taking their medicines on time is crucial for felines, some cats act fussy while taking their medicines and can later throw up the medicine when their cat parents are out of sight. However, you can make sure your cat fussy eater has had its medicine by grinding it and mixing it with their food. Additionally, experienced cat parents can also feed the medicine by hand, making sure their furry munchkin has swallowed the medicine and is unable to regurgitate it back.

How do I keep my kitten from becoming a finicky eater?

Having a picky eater cat can mean additional responsibility for cat parents. So, it is important to train cats to be more flexible about their food from a young age. Offering your kitty regular cat food to familiarize them with what they are supposed to have saves you from having a kitten picky with food.

Furthermore, many cat parents lovingly offer their furry munchkin table scraps. It is important to avoid making it into a regular habit to prevent your adorable furball from becoming a cat finicky eater, as it not just sends the wrong message to the cat, but can also ruin its appetite.


  1. Will a finicky cat eventually eat?

    With proper training, cat finicky eaters can be fed regular cat food. One of the most effective ways is to continually offer them regular cat food till they are habituated to it. However, make sure you are gentle about it.

  2. Why is my cat so picky about wet food?

    Most cats prefer wet cat food over dry food, causing cat parents to worry if my cat is a picky eater. But if your kitty is being picky about wet cat food, it can be because of several reasons including ill health and stress, or simply because they don’t like the flavour.

  3. How to know if my cat doesn’t like food?

    Cats can express their disinterest in eating a certain type of food. Some of the common signs include erratic feeding behaviour, reduced appetite, or avoiding the food completely, causing cat parents to wonder if my cat is a picky eater.

  4. How do you treat a fussy cat?

    Fussy cats need to be trained from a young age to eat regular cat food. You can encourage your feline to try out regular cat food by serving it daily to stop them from becoming a kitten picky with food.

  5. Will a fussy cat starve?

    Although cats can be particular about their food and may throw a tantrum if served food they are not fond of, fussy cats generally grow obedient and lenient over time if they are not given any other alternative food options.


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