Catnip: Benefits of Catnips

Catnip: Benefits of Catnips

Most of cat parents enjoy showering their feline friends with love. There are so many ways to show your fur baby some love. One of them is catnip which has been used by many cat owners to pamper their cats.

Catnip, a perennial herbaceous plant from the mint family, has always had a fascinating attraction for our pet cats. The joyous antics of cats worldwide are synonymous with catnip due to its enticing aroma and captivating effects. But, what is catnip specifically, and why do cats cherish it?

Catnip uses encompass a wide range of benefits for cats. The chemical compound nepetalactone found in catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, which acts as a powerful attractant for most domestic cats. A fascinating transformation unfolds when cats come across catnip in any form. Whether it's in its dried form, oil-infused catnip, or as a live plant. They grow enchanted, showcasing behaviors that consist of rolling, rubbing, purring, and leaping with almost childlike excitement.

However, catnip is not for all kinds of cats. Some cats do not respond due to hereditary sensitivity. Those who do experience a temporary euphoria, like the sensation of intense pleasure. The scent of the herb triggers the cat’s olfactory receptors, stimulating sensory neurons and releasing endorphins in their brains. 
The mesmerizing puzzle of catnip's attraction persists, though it is obvious that this enchanting herb wields a singular control over our beloved cats. It grants them times of absolute feline delight. Hence, whenever you see your adored cat engaging in the pleasures of catnip, acknowledge the enchantment and delight it brings to their existence.

How Does Catnip Affect Feline?

Many cat owners use catnip for stressed or sick cats as it is believed that nepetalactone can help them release stress. Yet, how exactly catnip affects feline?

Our beloved feline friends are undeniably fascinated by the effects of catnip. Cats reach a state of blissful ecstasy when exposed to catnip. They could roll on the ground, rub against the source, and demonstrate heightened playfulness. Some cats may even participate in entertaining actions like drooling or expressing delight through vocalization.

Catnip is also a natural stress reliever for many cats. Helping alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation, it is particularly useful in calming nervous or skittish cats. 
Notably, the effects of catnip are temporary, typically lasting approximately 10-15 minutes. Afterward, cats develop resistance to its attraction for a certain duration. From a few hours to several days, this period can vary. This inherent resistance guarantees that the impact of catnip stays as an occasional treat instead of a continual state of stimulation.

In conclusion, many cat owners use catnip for their cats to release some stress. The alluring impacts of catnip on cats bring forth amusement and potential therapeutic advantages. It is important to understand and appreciate the power of catnip to develop a stronger bond with our feline companions and bring them moments of pure joy and relaxation.

Benefits of Catnip for Cats

Now, as we know the effects on our feline, many of you might have been wondering if catnip is good for your cats.

Catnip can psychologically excite cats and promote playfulness, giving them mental enrichment. For indoor cats, it can help minimize destructive behaviors brought on by pent-up energy and fight boredom.

Catnip is good for reducing stress and anxiety in cats since it may relax them. Whether it's a vet appointment, a trip, or a change in the surroundings, catnip may soothe cats and encourage relaxation.

Cats may move around more when playing with catnip-filled toys. You can also shake our Temptations™ MixUps in Catnip, Chicken, and Cheddar flavors to reward your feline buddy. As this cat treat only has 2 calories per treat, it encourages healthy exercise, which helps with weight management and preventing health problems associated with cat obesity.

Moreover, catnip can be used for cats as a positive reinforcement during training sessions. This herb becomes an effective technique for encouraging cats to learn desirable behavior.

Is Catnip Safe for Cats?

Now we know that catnip is good for cats, but is catnip safe for them? This herb is widely recognized as safe for cats. It does not present any notable health risks when used appropriately. However, it is vital to show temperance and pay attention to your cat's specific response to catnip.

Although most cats find catnip enjoyable with no detrimental effects, a few may encounter minor upset stomachs. If exposed to excessive amounts, catnip use can trigger vomiting or diarrhea.

Moreover, it's worth noting that not every cat responds to catnip, as sensitivity is passed on genetically. It is entirely normal if your cat is not interested or reacts to catnip. The absence of health concerns is indicated. Just like with any new substance, discussing any specific concerns you may have about your cat's health or well-being with your veterinarian is always recommended.


  1. Can cats consume catnip every day?

    Catnip uses is harmful to cats. Hence, you can give them catnip every day, but it's preferable to give it in moderation to maintain its effectiveness and prevent becoming habituated. Using the cat toy occasionally will make the experience more enjoyable for your cat.

  2. Is catnip good for cats?

    Catnip can be used for cats as mental stimulation, stress relief, and promoting exercise. However, it might not result in a response from all cats, so it is important to consider individual preferences.

  3. What are the uses of catnip for cats?

    Catnip has various uses in cats, including encouraging play and exercise, relieving stress and anxiety, aiding in training and behavior modification, and enhancing the human-cat bond.

  4. At what age can kittens consume catnip?

    Kittens typically start to develop a sensitivity to catnip when they are around 3-6 months old. However, before introducing catnip to them, it's important to ensure they are fully weaned and have a solid diet of kitten food.

  5. From where can I buy catnip for my cat?

    Catnip is widely available and can be purchased from various sources. You can find catnip products at pet stores. Additionally, you can find catnip in some cat treat products like our Temptations™ MixUps in Catnip, Chicken & Cheddar flavors.


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