Adopting a Cat

Adopting a Cat

Have you been thinking of bringing home a fluffy ball of purrs and mischief? Are you finally ready to take the plunge? Adopting a cat is no less than unlocking a treasure trove of love, cuddles, companionship, and endless entertainment. However, there are certain things you need to be ready for before you bring your feline friend home. This article covers all your questions regarding cat adoption from how to adopt a cat, the ways of caring for kittens, the benefits of kitten adoption, to some of its downsides.

Let’s untangle this ball of yarn together, kitty-parent-to-be!

✔ Benefits of adopting a cat

Kitten adoption can be one of your most rewarding experiences. When you adopt a kitten, you make a friend for life. Adopting a cat has both emotional and practical benefits for most cat parents.

  • When wondering how to adopt a cat suited to your temperament and lifestyle, it is best to visit your nearest rescue centre. The amazing shelter staff are like kitty matchmakers. They know each furball’s personality and will help you adopt a kitten who’ll soon become your best friend.
  • Before shelter kitties strut their way into your heart, they undergo a thorough examination by the vet. They’re treated for parasites, sterilized, and vaccinated to ease your journey of cat adoption. You may be asked for a nominal adoption fee, which is practically a steal for a lifetime of whisker kisses and purrs.
  • The shelter gurus will also give you all the updates you require to know before adopting a cat like your fur baby’s backstory, habits, quirks, and tips on raising orphaned kittens.
  • With your busy lifestyle, even raising a single kitten may become stressful. Rescue centres are also perfect if you are wondering how to adopt a cat who is already house trained. The centre may have an adult kitty who already knows how to use the litter box, saving your hours at the kitty litter boot camp!
  • When you adopt a kitten, you don’t just gain a cuddle buddy; you give a furball a second chance at happiness and become a hero in their story!

✔ How to adopt a cat

Cat adoption shouldn’t be a rash decision. Following certain steps shall help you adopt a kitten who is purrfect for you.

  • It is important for you to conduct some research before adopting a cat. Get to know your kitty’s life story, nature, and temperament. This is important even if you are raising a single kitten.
  • Always look for a reliable shelter which will ease your kitten adoption journey. Visit multiple shelters before you decide.
  • While the costs for adopting a cat are usually nominal, it is advisable to look up the costs in your area before you visit a shelter.
  • Prior to bringing cuddly home, know that they come with responsibilities. You have to be absolutely sure that you are ready for the claws that come with the paws, especially when raising orphaned kittens.
  • Try to get in touch with a local veterinarian before cat adoption in case of emergencies.

✔ How to take care of your adopted kitten or cat

The first month after you’ve brought your fur baby home is a crucial time for your bond to develop. Use these first weeks after cat adoption to understand kitty, and help them settle joyfully into their forever home.

Here are some things you can do to show kitty that you care for them:

  • Allow your little munchkin time to adjust to their changed surroundings. Kitty proof your house in advance. Let them explore your home, make their demands, and approach you on their own terms. 
  • You may have other kitties in your household. However, they should be kept separate from your new friend for at least two weeks to allow settling in time. This is all the more imperative if you are raising orphaned kittens.
  • Prepare the house for little furball before bringing them home. Have litter boxes, food, toys, and bed ready for them.
  • Structure their day by establishing a routine. This eases them into their new home and makes them familiar with its rules.
  • Regular dental care and grooming is essential for their wellbeing.
  • Train your little munchkin by calling their name lovingly and using positive reinforcements.
  • Allow them to slowly transition to your chosen cat food.

✔ Challenges of adopting a cat

Kitten adoption is not just fun and games, even if you are raising a single kitten. Each little cuddle monster comes with their own set of challenges. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind before you adopt a cat:

  • You have to be extremely vigilant with kittens as they will be heavily dependent on you. Raising orphaned kittens is particularly challenging in this regard. They can never be left alone for long periods of time.
  • House training kittens may take a lot of time and patience.
  • Adult cats may be set in their habits, even bad ones, and it may take you a long time to train them otherwise.

✔ Conclusion

The joys of kitten adoption are boundless. However, you must be prepared to give your little darling the best home possible. Engaging in research, choosing the proper rescue centre, learning about your cat’s nature, and making your home a safe space for kitties are all essential steps when considering how to adopt a cat, even if you’re considering raising a single kitten. And if your cuddle buddy still gives you trouble, treat them with the scrumptious cat treats from Temptations™ and see how you become their favourite human!

✔ FAQs

  1. What one should feed to adopted kitten?

    Start by feeding wet cat food and slowly transition to dry cat food. Try to keep some moist food regularly in their diet. Never feed them dog or puppy food as it lacks taurine, an essential protein for all cats.

  2. How do you make cat feel comfortable at home?

    Keep them in one room in the beginning with their litter box, bed, and toys. Other pets, if any, should be gradually introduced to your new cat or kitten. Your house should be safe and toxin free for cats.

  3. How do I get my adopted cat sleep at night?

    Kitten proof the room. Leave a night light on for the first few days. This helps furry felines to adjust to new surroundings. Slowly transition to turning the light off so that they attune to your family’s sleep schedule.

  4. How do you show your cat you love them?

    Calling out your fur kiddo’s name in your happy voice often shows them that you love them. Playing with them, giving them head scratches, cuddles and spending quality time with them in general lets your furball know that they are valued.

  5. How do you train an adopted cat?

    Adopted fur babies may often have violent or heartbreaking backstories. Training them requires patience, gentleness, and friendliness. Positive reinforcements like their favourite treat, rather than harsh rules or punishment, go a long way while training adopted adorable furry kittens.


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